Sailing Race – June 1, 2020

The DIYC Sailing Fleet had a race today in excellent sailing conditions. The race started at the marina, sailed down the Morgan River to the entrance of Village Creek then returned to the marina for the finish. 6 boats raced in 15 knot winds with gusts up 20 knots, and waves that approached 4 feet.

All boats sailed very well. These pictures show the Race Committee, Jerry Hubbard, David Hubbard and Skip Hoyt, as they are going through the starting sequence; and the boats tightly bunched at the start.

In a closely contested race the order of finish was: 1st – Scott Johnson 107.01 min, 2nd – Jack Shaughnessy 107.84 min, Greg Shymske & John McShane 110.88 min, 4th Rick Brown 113.70 min, 5th Russ Gore 122.38 min, 6th Kelly Duncan 122.63 minutes.

It’s great to be having our sailing races at the marina again.
Roy Crocker, Sailing Fleet Captain
Pictures by Stan Karmilovich

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