Camp Dataw 2019

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The DIYC participated in Camp Dataw this past Monday. We designed and manned an “escape room” of sorts in the playground at the gazebo. It had quizzes, maps, tests and yes even a water soaker game. While one group were working the escape room, the other were busy with Rangers Megan and Caitlin from Hunting Island State Park. Megan brought Buddy (diamond back terrapin), Marigold (corn snake) and Clyde (alligator) along to interact with the Camp Dataw participants.

Thank you to Cheryl Johnson (Pirate Cheryl) and her team of DIYC volunteers. The DIYC afternoons at Camp Dataw are becoming a big hit with participants.

The DIYC donated $100 to the Friends of Hunting Island as a thank you for the Rangers’ participation.

Keith Aspray