Hunting Island Kayak Trip – July 25, 2018

Thank you to all who sent pictures:  Kathy and Bryan Tuttle, Keith Aspray, Sandy Zerbinopoulos, and Beaufort Kayak Tours.   It sounds as if it was quite an adventure.  Here’s a little note from Nancy Schulte:

You can probably tell that we are not on a sandbar, and thus didn't go to the Edge of the Continent. Because of the threat of midday thunderstorms, we moved to a safer plan and instead kayaked from the lagoon in Hunting Island State Park to the cut where the ocean enters it. We sat on the sand on the ocean and looked out at the waves lapping on the Fripp sandbar, but didn't actually go there. Two kayakers dropped out upon learning of the revised plan, but the other 25 Dataw kayakers gamely agreed. It was a unique trip, involving portaging, wading, and dramatic drops into pluff mud. For many, this was the first time to actually see the effects of pluff mud and many of the comments reflected appreciation and a new respect for that.

And here’s a note from Kim and Dave:

Here is our midway photo when we were all still pluff mud free and smiling :-)

So sorry again about today; it is never our intention to make you guys work so hard-we thought with the height of the low tide today that even with the new sediment the tide would turn as predicted and the lagoon would be passable; boy were we wrong.

You have a great group of people in your club, a great sense of adventure (and humor).

Feel free to pass this photo along and also Dave and I hope everybody has enough Ibuprofen in their medicine cabinets and enough liquor in their bar to keep them comfortable this evening.

Thanks again for organizing-we promise the next will be easier :-)

Kim Gundler and David Gorzynski
Beaufort Kayak Tours
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