Bohicket Cruise October 2018

It has been another exciting fall at Dataw Island.  Another hurricane scare with boats being pulled and hatches battened down, along with several weather cancelations for a couple other cruise events.   Thankfully, with some angst, we were able to pull off the annual Bohicket cruise.

Our resilient boating community turned out in force for a spectacular cruise to Bohicket Marina this week.  The weather was concerning with winds up to 15 kt and choppy seas (perfect for the sailboats, but we only had power boats this year).  We had a great fleet of 5 boats and approx. 28 people who made the 32 mile journey up to Bohicket.   The weather held, with showers in the distance but no sprinkles on the fleet and the seas, while bumpy, were not wet.   The trip up and back was great.  We did suffer a couple of lost cruisers who appeared to be having chart plotter issues, and had to be recovered.  Then again we have all gone the wrong way a time or two!!  No damage done.

I want to thank everyone of coming.  It was a great group with plenty of camaraderie at Bohicket.  We had a great time with a great group of people and are looking forward to the next adventure.

Photos are courtesy of Bryan & Kathy Tuttle, Martha & John Moulton, and Scott Johnson


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