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Commodore’s Blog – December 2020


Just wanted to share with you some of the contributions and hard work that many of our volunteer members and Committee chairs have done recently to represent our DIYC across the Island.

We spoke last month about the great job and big success that our Club brought to the Marina Open House event ; and most recently, last evening at Dataw’s annual Luminary night.

Clearly this event was also a great success that involved many other Clubs and individual contributions ; but WOW , the DIYC came through again in a big way!

From the lighting up of the Ms. Christi , to the welcoming luminaries from the entry to Marina drive all the way to the end of the main Pier Head , to the beauty of having over 20 of our Sail and power boats decked out with an amazing light show and season’s decorations ; we should all be proud that the DIYC and the marina property remain at the very heart of our Dataw DNA .

Well done, to all the Boaters , Social Committee chairs [ Martha Moulton , Sandy Morrow and Cheryl Johnson ] and their volunteers who together came together and ADDED THEIR TIME , TALENTS , AND RESOURCES to make this year’s Luminary night such a huge and memorable success. Be sure to reach out and say thanks to those that you see who worked so hard to make this event so memorable. Also , Be sure and go on line to the DIYC website [ ] and view some of the pictures that speak so clearly to the beauty and success of this special night ; and if you have some of your own please pass them along to me or Louise Moses [ our DIYC Web Master ] for inclusion into our pictorial achieves.

Next up ; the Social Committee and the Board are working on ideas for how we can look towards our kick off our 2021 year with possible Covid 19 compliant Hybrids of our traditional Final Friday events and gatherings in January and February. These Covid protocols are especially difficult to accommodate based upon our customary turn outs of 100 + members and trying to do this in the winter months if we were to look towards “ outside” options. More on this later as we work further on this planning.

Do however be on standby for the release of the 2021 DIYC Cruise , Sail , Kayak , Fishing and Social calendar coming out soon…. We all think that this will be the most inclusive , adventurous , fun and aggressive Calendars we have had in many years. Stay tuned!…….

Bryan Tuttle

Commodore’s Blog – November 2020

Outgoing Commodore Scott Johnson and New Commodore Bryan Tuttle

I wanted to take this opportunity to underscore your many notes of congratulations and well wishes to Scott Johnson as he officially became our most recent Past Commodore at our annual meeting last Wednesday evening. Kathy and I also want to thank Scott and Cheryl for an amazing year of steady leadership in the face of unprecedented adversity, and for your great service to our Club. You have truly set the bar very high , and you have placed some very deep footprints in the sands of our Club’s historical record , and ones that will surely be long lasting and hard to fill. I choose not to try ; but instead , to follow your example and steady course, to help us be all that we can be in this coming year. Thanks again to you both….

Now to the entire DIYC Membership :

New Bridge with outgoing Commodore Scott Johnson

Even though your Board had to join the ranks of having to again adjust to the tides of change and accommodation under these crazy Covid- 19 times by postponing our annual Commodores Ball and Annual Meeting ; we were able to maintain a semblance of our DIYC protocol by having a much smaller Annual Business Meeting of your Board of Directors , and move forward with the election of your new 2021 Flag Officers , and announcements for the new Committee Heads. Your great response to our call to action by providing your voting proxy to support the election process was most appreciated .

We all regret that we were not allowed to bring our whole DIYC membership together and have our traditional Commodores Ball ; but , we will continue to monitor our options and opportunities going forward as we continue to evolve , come through , and hopefully out of this pandemic season.

That said ; we still have a near record membership going into 2021 , and we have already begun the planning to set the stage for a full year of new and expanded Power and Sail cruises , Social activities, Kayak and Fishing excursions , Educational programs and our Board’s commitment to help promote getting more of our members involved in the Club , and out on the water.

We will be updating you more as your new Board meets in the coming weeks to begin charting our course for the coming year. I have attached a list of your DIYC Board of Officers and Committee Heads for you information.

In the interim , Your Board extends our best of wishes to each of you and your families to ; Be Well , Love , Hug again , and Prosper coming into this Thanksgiving and Holliday season ; and for all the year to come.

Best Regards ,

Bryan Tuttle

DIYC Commodore