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Commodore’s Blog October 2018

It is a shock to move from the relative quiet of August and the hurricane-scare muddle of September to all the events happening now at the Dataw Island Yacht Club.

The biggest news is indeed BIG news – the chance for Dataw Island to purchase the Dataw Marina! After two years of suffering through having no marina and watching the continuing deterioration of the marina site with extremely limited operations, there is now hope. The protracted negotiations by Dataw’s leadership with the property owner has led to an acceptance of Dataw’s offer to purchase the entire property for $700,000. It is a stunning low price for the property and a compelling opportunity to begin to bring this painful episode to an end. Environmental studies have been completed with favorable results, and Dataw has 90 days to vote to affirm the purchase.

The DIYC strongly supports this purchase. If purchased, Dataw Island will decide what will be done with the property. It has been and remains our position that ultimately there must be a marina at Dataw. The DIYC will work diligently in support of the purchase and to maximize enjoyment of the marina property. There will be much more to come on this.

The Annual DIYC Commodore’s Ball is always exciting news of course. It is the most glamorous social event of the year at Dataw and a kick-off of the holiday season. The Ball will be on November 10. Gentlemen and ladies, dressed in their finest (OK, the guys will mostly be in all black) will dine on a delightful menu, hear a few remarks, welcome the new DIYC leadership, and dance the evening away to fantastic live music.

The Commodore’s Ball should never be missed by our members. This year is indeed special with the possibility to purchase the marina property before us. There will be much to talk about.

Our power cruise season is reaching its high and final point with two terrific October cruises. After the hurricane scare, boats being pulled and hatches battened down, we were free again and underway with our annual cruise to Bohicket Marina at Kiawah Island. It was a mariner’s test. Winds were up to 15 kts and the seas were choppy (would have been a perfect day for sailboats), but showers remained in the distance. Five boats and 28 members made the 32 mile cruise. All arrived and returned happily exhausted (a couple of boats made unintended diversions into the wrong creek but recovered). It was a great group and a day of DIYC camaraderie.

Next up is the cruise to visit our friends at the Edisto Island Yacht Club. We have developed a strong relationship with this sister low-country yacht club. On October 19 we will cruise there for lunch at their club and see many of our good EIYC friends again. Be sure to sign up for this one. The fall cruising weather should be at its best, and it’s an opportunity to see the low country waters as the season is changing.

Our Sailing Captain Roy Crocker has announced the Dataw Island Race and Cup. It will be on October 20 and sponsored by the DIYC and the Beaufort Yacht and Sailing Club. The event will be sailed in the Beaufort River with cups to be awarded at the finish. This is one of the great events of the year for Dataw sailors. Pre-Matthew, the Dataw Race and Cup was raced in the Coosaw and Morgan Rivers with awards and dinner events held at Dataw. We want this race to return to us with a future operational marina at Dataw. Roy emailed a notice to all DIYC members on October 1 with the details for the event. Please be sure to see the email and participate.

Our kayaking group has continued a busy and very successful year – most of our sponsored kayaking events have been sell-outs. Recently, kayakers were given on-hand demonstrations at the Dataw pool on re-entering a kayak in the water. This is a critical skill because all active kayakers will at some point find themselves in the water and need to know how to safely re-enter their boat.

Next up for DIYC kayakers is a trip on the Savannah River on October 25. It’s a wonderful time of year to kayak, and this is a beautiful tour. There already are many signups, and it is sure to fill up quickly.

Another anticipated DIYC event is near at hand. The annual Ships Store Sale will be on November 14 at the Community Center. There will be many new DIYC embossed items this year and lots of other fun things on display at the sale. (I already have bought a couple of things out of the box as it passed by me on the way to inventory.)  Plan to stock up for the kids and grandkids and to enhance your own collection of DIYC gear.

As a final note, it is a pleasure to report that our Club is strong, the membership is growing and our finances are in great order!

Commodores Blog 7.12.18


It’s the top of the summer, top of the heat, and many of you are escaping it. The Dataw Island Yacht Club Board of Governors and Bridge held its July meeting on the 12th and will not meet again until September. Our club will move into the fall in fine shape financially; membership is strong; growth continues; and the Ships Store has been a remarkable success this year with many new items and strong sales.

June and July have been busy with well attended, sold out events. The Downtown Beaufort cruises were filled and thoroughly enjoyed. Our Morgan River Sandbar event was the very best ever. We were joined as usual by Fripp Island Yacht Club, and after our two clubs had arrived at the sandbar, the convoy from Edisto Island Yacht Club appeared from Parrots Creek and beached up with us. All the boats lined up on the beach and the many partiers were a grand sight. From all the enthusiastic responses, we know that we must do this annually. In addition, kayaking has remained strong with events quickly filling. Also “filling” is the new kayak storage area on Dataw Drive – earlier than anyone predicted.

Each year, the DIYC provides a session of activities for the Dataw Island Campers. The Camp is a completely filled Island event each year, and DIYC is proud to do its part for the kids. It will be hard to top this year’s program. Beth Vance organized a full schedule that included live creatures from Hunting Island brought by a SC DNR representative for a watch, learn, touch and hold presentation. Blue crabs were caught by Jean Dietz who gave a presentation on the critters, including feedings in the aquarium. There also was a sand-art station and coloring books – neither of which could be fully used because there was just too much fun going on. Perhaps the most obvious fun was the rowdy chase and water soaking of Pirate Partners Bryan and Kathy Tuttle in the Miss Christi playground.

This week Bryan, our Cruise Captain, has organized a new event – an opportunity for those DIYC members without boats and perhaps seldom on the water to go for an evening cruise around Dataw Island. The invitations from Bryan, Keith Aspray, and Scott Johnson were well received and the slots filled quickly.

The next cruise event is a trip planned to Capers Island on July 16. This is a cruise that we have not taken in several years. We will cruise out the Morgan, under Harbor Island Bridge, along the back of Fripp Island, through Story River into Trenchards Inlet and to the back side of Capers Island.

A cruise up the Ashepoo River in the ACE Basin follows in August as well as a sunset cruise in Lucy Creek.

Remember that September brings the DIYC Pot Luck event on the 17th. It will again be at Dataw poolside and feature heavy appetizers provided by our members.

And finally, of course, the marina. The matter remains in limbo awaiting results from a thorough environmental testing. Negotiations continue.

There is some good news at the marina, however. Additional docks were put in at the drystack pen, allowing more comfortable launchings, arrivals, and departures. (The docks were in place just in time to facilitate the FIYC “Fripper” pontoon boat for the Morgan Island Sandbar event.)

Also, it appears that there will be a new owner of Sweetgrass restaurant. The rumor I hear is that it will be the operator of the Boundary Street Café in Beaufort. If you have been there you know that it has a novel and inviting menu and enjoyable atmosphere. This should cause significant activity at the marina area and hopefully create an impetus to marina development. Gotta happen.

Have a great summer. See y’all in September or, even better, on the water.