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Commodore’s Blog – October 2019

Great, outstanding, marvelous, lovely. Just a few words used to describe the recent cruises to Bohicket Marina and the Edisto Island Yacht Club. Good company and perfect weather for both cruises. If you missed the cruises, look for them again next year.

The long awaited restart of our monthly sailing competitions has unfortunately been delayed. The shoreline dock will not be open in time for the first event on Oct. 14th. We will reschedule the first competition for a later date and keep you informed.

Kayaking activity continues strong with a recent combined kayak and bike event on the Beaufort River and Spanish Moss trail. An inshore fishing competition has been schedule for this month. Check out our website ( for a list of all events, flyers and registration forms.

The fish cleaning table we purchased has arrived and we will work with the Marina to find a suitable location once the dock work is complete.

Don’t forget to sign-up for the Commodore’s Ball!!! It will be held November 9th in the Carolina Room. All DIYC Members are invited. I trust members have received their invitations in the mail. Please return those as soon as possible. If you can’t find your invitation, contact Karen McCue or Cheryl Johnson.

The Commodore’s Ball is also the DIYC Annual Meeting. We typically start the ball with the Annual Meeting and then move right into party – dining and dance. The band, Threshold, is back for their 4th or 5th year – I have lost track. Always a crowd favorite.

At this year’s Annual Meeting we will have the election of our Flag Officers as we typically do every year. Scott Johnson has been proposed as Commodore for 2020, with Bryan Tuttle and Dan Duncan proposed as your Vice and Rear Commodores respectively.

The Board of Governors has also been working on revising the DIYC Bylaws. This started as an effort to look at changes needed if the DIYC were to lease true clubhouse space. While the DIYC has not acquired any space, we are still looking at updating the Bylaws were last revised in 2010. More on this issue in the next week or so.

If you have pictures of a DIYC event, please send them to Louise Moses ( Louise will get them posted to our website for all to enjoy.

Be safe if on the water or on the road and as always, smooth sailing, safe boating and kayaking to all.

Keith Aspray

Commodore’s Blog – September 2019

Re: Update – Pursuit of DIYC Space

Fellow DIYC Members:

The DIYC Board of Governors (BoG) promised in our e-mail to the membership of August 5, 2019, regarding the marina survey results, to keep you updated on our pursuit of DIYC space at the Dataw Island Marina.

In that e-mail we laid out a path forward. Since then, the DIYC BoG has:

• Surveyed other regional yacht clubs on dues and structure;
• Reviewed impact on the DIYC bylaws;
• Developed a preliminary dues and membership structure in line with the DIYC having its own space; and
• More importantly, spoken with the Ted Bartlett (GM) and the DIOA about the DIYC having its own space.

The DIYC was offered the Outpost space, on a part-time and temporary rental basis. Based on the cost of that rental, the temporary nature of that rental, the inability to decorate the space and the uncertain time length of that rental, the BoG declined to pursue that offer further.

Following the announcement of the DIOA placing a General Store in the Outpost, the DIOA offered to rent the Sweetgrass restaurant space to the DIYC, again on a temporary basis. After discussion within the BoG, we again declined to pursue rental of that space for the same reasons we declined to pursue rental of the Outpost space.

We have gone back to the DIOA and offered to assist with decorating (manpower, ideas, décor, design theme, etc.) the new General Store, along with a request for the DIYC to use that space during off-hours. We delayed sending our suggestion back to the DIOA until this week (waited for hurricane to clear). As a result, we have not yet heard back on our offer or request.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you

Keith Aspray
DIYC Commodore