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Commodores Blog 7.12.18


It’s the top of the summer, top of the heat, and many of you are escaping it. The Dataw Island Yacht Club Board of Governors and Bridge held its July meeting on the 12th and will not meet again until September. Our club will move into the fall in fine shape financially; membership is strong; growth continues; and the Ships Store has been a remarkable success this year with many new items and strong sales.

June and July have been busy with well attended, sold out events. The Downtown Beaufort cruises were filled and thoroughly enjoyed. Our Morgan River Sandbar event was the very best ever. We were joined as usual by Fripp Island Yacht Club, and after our two clubs had arrived at the sandbar, the convoy from Edisto Island Yacht Club appeared from Parrots Creek and beached up with us. All the boats lined up on the beach and the many partiers were a grand sight. From all the enthusiastic responses, we know that we must do this annually. In addition, kayaking has remained strong with events quickly filling. Also “filling” is the new kayak storage area on Dataw Drive – earlier than anyone predicted.

Each year, the DIYC provides a session of activities for the Dataw Island Campers. The Camp is a completely filled Island event each year, and DIYC is proud to do its part for the kids. It will be hard to top this year’s program. Beth Vance organized a full schedule that included live creatures from Hunting Island brought by a SC DNR representative for a watch, learn, touch and hold presentation. Blue crabs were caught by Jean Dietz who gave a presentation on the critters, including feedings in the aquarium. There also was a sand-art station and coloring books – neither of which could be fully used because there was just too much fun going on. Perhaps the most obvious fun was the rowdy chase and water soaking of Pirate Partners Bryan and Kathy Tuttle in the Miss Christi playground.

This week Bryan, our Cruise Captain, has organized a new event – an opportunity for those DIYC members without boats and perhaps seldom on the water to go for an evening cruise around Dataw Island. The invitations from Bryan, Keith Aspray, and Scott Johnson were well received and the slots filled quickly.

The next cruise event is a trip planned to Capers Island on July 16. This is a cruise that we have not taken in several years. We will cruise out the Morgan, under Harbor Island Bridge, along the back of Fripp Island, through Story River into Trenchards Inlet and to the back side of Capers Island.

A cruise up the Ashepoo River in the ACE Basin follows in August as well as a sunset cruise in Lucy Creek.

Remember that September brings the DIYC Pot Luck event on the 17th. It will again be at Dataw poolside and feature heavy appetizers provided by our members.

And finally, of course, the marina. The matter remains in limbo awaiting results from a thorough environmental testing. Negotiations continue.

There is some good news at the marina, however. Additional docks were put in at the drystack pen, allowing more comfortable launchings, arrivals, and departures. (The docks were in place just in time to facilitate the FIYC “Fripper” pontoon boat for the Morgan Island Sandbar event.)

Also, it appears that there will be a new owner of Sweetgrass restaurant. The rumor I hear is that it will be the operator of the Boundary Street Café in Beaufort. If you have been there you know that it has a novel and inviting menu and enjoyable atmosphere. This should cause significant activity at the marina area and hopefully create an impetus to marina development. Gotta happen.

Have a great summer. See y’all in September or, even better, on the water.

Commodore’s Blog – June 2018

Summer is upon us at Dataw and the Low Country. Everything moves more slowly, but the DIYC is keeping a busy schedule on the water.

Nancy Schulte has led the Kayakers on new adventures – an ACE Basin outing and a trip to Cotton Island, to be followed by the Fripp Sandbar event.

Before leaving for the north and cooler weather, Sailing Captain Roy Crocker sailed in the 12th Classic Boat Rally. It was a two day race from Savannah Yacht Club to Beaufort Yacht and Sailing Club. The race has been featured in Sail Magazine twice. Roy and Rear Commodore Scott Johnson put together an article soon to come out in Dataw’s Dateline magazine describing this and other recent activity. I hope everyone will look it over.

May and June have been busy with power cruises, and more are coming up. On May 21 we cruised into the ACE Basin. If you have not made this cruise in the couple of times that we have put in on, watch for it in the future. It is a wonderful chance to experience this natural treasure. We went up the Bull River, crossed Williman Creek and Islands, and came into the upper Combahee. Passing under the Highway 17 Bridge to Charleston, we went miles further, finally stopping in the fresh waters near the landing for Cherokee Plantation for lunch. We passed the banks and irrigation gates of the old plantations, saw eagles who were watching us, had dolphins literally at boat-side, passed mating alligators, and discovered pink spoonbills in a bank of cedars.

This past weekend, the DIYC was the guest of the Savannah Yacht Club. We planned a convoy, but the weather caused all but two boats to exercise understandable caution and withdraw. While the event was curtailed, the remaining two boats and their crew cruised through Calibogue Sound past Hilton Head and stopped for lunch at Daufuskie Island. We arrived at the Yacht Club and enjoyed dinner in Savannah. The ride back was easy for the early departing first boat, but the second crew spent a couple of hours touring Daufuskie in a golf cart (something you must do) and at Hilton Head ran into heavy weather. We were forced to turn back and put in at a bar at Skull Creek, finally returning in the late afternoon. Boating presents unexpected adventures and opportunities.

Next up is our cruise on Monday June 18 on the Prince of Tides departing from the Beaufort Downtown Marina. This is an easy cruise – we don’t use our boats but the DIYC reserves a tour boat and our members bring drinks and appetizers. It may seem too easy or a touristy thing, but we thoroughly enjoyed it last year, and it was a complete sell out. You think you know the area, but I promise that this will be a learning experience. This year the cruise will be a little longer and will travel south on the Beaufort River. As of this writing, there are only a few seats left.

The grand Morgan Island Sandbar picnic and outing follows on June 23. The event includes a trip to the Sandbar in the Morgan River, food, wine and beer, and a lot of fun with two neighboring Yacht Clubs. This year not only will we be joined by Fripp Island Yacht Club, but for the first time the Edisto Island Yacht Club will travel over and join in.

There’s more to come in July with either a trip to Pritchards Island or a rain date trip to Cotton Island to replace a missed opportunity in April.

The DIYC will host Camp Dataw at the Gazebo on Monday July 8. Beth Vance has worked with the SC Department of Natural Resources to prepare a program that the kids will love dedicated to the nature and wildlife of the Low Country including live land and sea critters brought in by the DNR representatives.

Finally, the leadership of the DIOA and Dataw’s attorney are working to conclude negotiations for Dataw’s potential purchase of the Dataw Marina property. Concurrently, the DIOA Long Range Planning Committee is developing and examining options for potential use of the property. The DIYC has urged that a marina result from this process. There will be much to do if Dataw purchases the property, and DIYC will do all that it can to support development of marina options.