Membership Information

Membership Founding

The Club’s purpose and objectives are:

To encourage yachting and to provide gathering places for the members.
To develop common interests and to promote social activities among Club members.
To promote members participation in various other yachting association activities.
To encourage various yachting activities including cruising, sailing and racing.
To promote boating safety.
To be eligible for a Regular Family Membership, every candidate must belong to the Dataw Island Club.

A goal of the organization is to have the membership at least equally divided between Boat Owners and Non-Boat Owners. In order to qualify as a boat owner the member must be at least a partial owner of a boat. You do not have to be a boat owner to be a member.

DIYC is a member of the Yachting Club of America and all our members enjoy reciprocity with over 700 other yacht clubs throughout the United States who also belong to the Yachting Club of America.

The Dataw Island Yacht Club is currently conducting its annual membership drive. To learn more about the DIYC, read past issues of our monthly newsletter on how to become a member, review this website or contact Patty or Perry Gesell, Membership Co-Chairs, at 843-838-2995.

We look forward to having you join in on the fun!

Membership Application