Commodore’s Blog – November 2019

DIYC Retrospective

While searching for historic photos and records recently, I was given a document and photos by John Ballantyne, the 2001 DIYC Commodore, which provided background on how the DIYC supported a sailor in the “Around Alone” (sail around the world solo) race in 1998-1999.
John wrote “….The first picture shows Robin Davie and me on his “Around the World Alone” sailboat which he named “South Carolina”. Quite a story there. Dataw Island Yacht Club was one of his official sponsors. He sailed down to Dataw, City of Beaufort and a few other ports of call, prior to the race, on a fund raising tour. He and a helper were our guests overnight and Robin made a presentation to Dataw residents. He was preparing for his second around the world race. A month or so later at the official start of the race, we had a Dataw Yacht Club overnight cruise to Charleston and we all got up early and cruised out Charleston Harbor to watch Robin and all the other contenders head out to sea. A navy destroyer was on hand to fire the opening shot. The story of the race is a real adventure. Despite extreme difficulties, Robin successfully completed the race and beat several of the other contenders. The other photo is a head-on shot picture of the “South Carolina” cruising into Dataw, taken on the Coosaw River, when Fred Zinser (1999 DIYC Commodore; Always Remembered) and I cruised out to officially welcome Robin and guide the South Carolina into our marina.”

Thank you John. Great to see that the DIYC sponsored a competitor in such an event. It turns out Robin Davie is still sailing today. He has completed 3 solo sailing trips around the world. A quick google reveals these stories about Robin and his sailing vessel(s).

Around Alone Robin Davie

Golden Globe Race

Changing gears, at my last DIYC Board of Governors meeting as your Commodore, we voted to approve the renewal of our Yachting Club of America membership ($500/year). This membership provides our members access to other member yacht clubs. As of Oct. 31, 2019 we had $14,331.64 on deposit in the bank pending the YCA membership, Commodore’s Ball and Luminary Night expenses.

The DIYC will be participating in Luminary Night on Dec. 9th. Cindy Dunnenberger is leading this effort.

The last cruise of the year, to Edisto Island Yacht Club, was a success. We were joined there by the Fripp Island Yacht Club. EIYC has a very nice club house on the water. They are my role model.

We have already begun planning for the 2020 kayak trips and Roy Crocker is anxious to get the sailing races underway once the marina dock is open. See the website for more information on his plans.

Thank you to all my fellow board members for their dedication and contributions, and to the membership for supporting our marina!!! It is nice leaving the post knowing the club will be in good hands with Scott Johnson, his bridge and Board of Governors.

Keith Aspray
Nov. 2019