Commodore’s Blog – May 2020

The Dataw Island Yacht Club, like many other clubs on the island has had a very low key spring.  We have cancelled or postponed most all of our activities and events in compliance with the Governor’s rules and recommendations, as well as staying in step with the Dataw Island guidance.  However, it looks like we will now be able to start some limited activities.   The Governor has “lifted all boating restrictions” and declared boating rules and regulations are “back to normal”.  That  is great news for our boaters, sailors and kayakers.

The DIYC has begun to restart our activities where possible:

–          Boat cruises well be restarting with the Cotton Island cruise.  The information on that cruise came out earlier this week.  We will continue to look at other cruises on a case by case basis, based on destinations and availability of services to support the cruise.  We will be looking very closely at our Charleston cruise, which is scheduled for the end of June and make a determination the end of this month if that cruise can continue.

–          Our sailboat racers will be reviewing their schedule and the ability to restart races.

–          Our kayakers will be looking at the upcoming cruises on a case by case basis and will advise accordingly.  Transportation, locations and support of the kayak rental companies will determine the feasibility of the trip.    

–          Our fishing events may be a bit more difficult, as they generally have a number of people on a charter boat.   Our fishing trip on May 21 has been postponed, however our fishing captains will be reaching out to the charter fleets to review options and restrictions.

–          Our ship’s store is full speed ahead with a new online- store.  Check out the DIYC website for all the great stuff.

Our social events are still on hold.  The current restrictions on group gatherings would prohibit the events we have scheduled.  However, we will maintain close coordination with the Dataw management and as restrictions ease, we will be closely monitoring the ability to get the Island’s best social events back on track.

As we restart some of our activities, let’s remember, this is not over.  Social distancing should still be practiced and common sense applied.   Anyone not comfortable or considered a higher risk should not feel pressured and should maintain their vigilance.

I’m looking forward to finally seeing you all out on the water.

Scott Johnson