Commodore’s Blog March 2019

Newly painted marina building

Progress on the marina continues.  Pilings have been surveyed, buoys attached to the sunken boats and a Harbor Master hired – Curtis McDaniel.  Please be sure to go down to the marina and welcome Curtis to Dataw Island when he starts next week.  The building re-painting project is almost done.  A big thank you to all the DIYC members that came out and helped during the marina cleanup days.  The grounds look so much better already.

The Board of Governors (BoG) discussed several marina related projects, among others:

  1. Help get the “work” boat (run around or pump out boat) operational.  It needs some work including electronics and labor.  The DIOA has a plan to pursue this repair, so the BoG decided to put further consideration of this effort on-hold;
  2. DIYC indoor space at the marina building.  I met with the managing partner of Sweetgrass, whose lease includes the Outpost, Ted Bartlett and Lori Murdaugh to see if there was an opportunity to pursue our own DIYC space.  The BoG is reviewing options and this will take some more time and discussion to see if we proceed or not.  More on this in the future.

Our thanks to the kayakers who are willing to loan their kayaks to fellow members.  Nancy Schulte, Kayak Chair, undertook an effort to survey members and identify those willing to loan out kayaks.  These kayaks are either at the Dataw Dr. Kayak Launch site or at the owner’s home.  Please see the kayak loaner list on-line at our website and contact the kayak owner directly.  The loaner list and release/waiver agreement can be found on the members’ only side of the website.  To log into the member side, look for the password on the back of your DIYC membership card (no ID required).

Our membership is back up to pre-Matthew levels – 235+.  Thank you to all new and returning members.  A new member meet and greet with the BoG is being planned for April 15th

On the boring side, the board voted to renew the DIYC’s general liability insurance.

On the exciting side, boating season is now in annual restart, while kayaking never stopped.  Our first cruise is coming up on April 6th – to “Q on Bay.”  Contact Capt. Bill Krebs for more details.

I am off on a trip for a month doing some cruising/sailing (so to speak) and will miss progress at the marina.  This also means I won’t be able to meet Curtis, Harbor Master, upon his return to Dataw Island.  Please give him my regards!!!!

Smooth sailing and safe boating all.

Keith Aspray