Holidays 2018

Decorating the Miss Christi

On December 12th the DIYC gathered for some special beverages and light appetizers at the gazebo to decorate and then light up the Miss Christi.   If you have an opportunity at night to go and see her (the Miss Christi), please do.   It brings many of us back to the days when we actually decorated the real boats in the marina.

Miss Christi’s lights should come on around dusk/sunset.  Santa is not visible until then.  It is rumored that in the daytime he lays low, sipping on his grog.  Strictly a night time person.

On behalf of the DIYC, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!

Community Center Tree

The DIYC had the honor this year of decorating the Community Center Christmas Tree.  Several of our more artistic members got together earlier this week to complete the task.  They did a  fabulous job capturing the holiday spirit with a nautical theme.  If you haven’t been by, please check it out.   Here are our decorating team of Ashley Pignato, Alice Chesser, Jennifer Ruiter, Cheryl Johnson and Kathy Tuttle.