Commodore’s Blog – March 2021

Return of the ospreys a sign of spring

Its certainly been a long , wet and cool winter ; but with the coming of Day light savings time this coming weekend , and our vaccines beginning to show some real progress ; I wanted to reach out to you with a needed update on our Club’s coming activities. We have experienced a long lull over the last 12 months in so many aspects of our lives ; but the DIYC Board wants to safely but surely encourage each of you to review the attached 2021 Cruise / Social / Sailing / Kayak and Fishing Calendar ,and join with us to kickoff and advance our new Spring Boating Season agenda and activities beginning very soon.

As our total membership reaches near record participation for returning Members , that number also includes a near record number of new Members as well. We welcome you all , and look forward to seeing you and getting to know each of you more as we spring into warm temps and the days ahead. With an abundance of caution , we are hoping to have a New Member “ Meet and Greet “ event in the near future , where we can really get better acquainted, and work on how we can work together to make your Membership, engagement into , and enjoyment of the Club ; a great new part of your Dataw Life. Stay tuned for more on that….

As to all of us ; whether new , returning or long standing Members ; let’s get started!

Park in Beaufort near Q on Bay

Our first Planned Cruise is coming up on Saturday March 20th . That event expects to have 10-12 boats and their crew to travel from Dataw to Beaufort for lunch at the Q on Bay Restaurant. This trip has been one if our most popular cruises over many years , and Registration requests have already gone out . Attendance is limited ; and If you missed those announcements , please reach out to Bill Krebs our Trip Captain [ 843-838-4591 ] and he will help you with more details on that one.

The next Big Event is a brand new one, that is already drawn a lot of attention and excitement. It is called the “ Blessing of the Fleet” ; and will be held on Friday March 26th. The first registrations and Flyers came out today to the DIYC [ please disregard an inadvertent announcement date of Saturday March 27th] ; and will be followed by an invitation to the whole DIOA Island wide membership . Please look for the details on this event , as your Cruise Captain, Social Committee, Ship’s Store, and Board have all been hard at work to make this unique and celebrated event , one that we can traditionally as the beginning of Spring, and the new Boating season for the DIYC. Please look for the latest Flyer Announcements for THE BLESSING OF THE FLEET , for more exciting details; or reach out to any of your Board Members and Dale Kirby as our leader and Cruise Captain to get a copy of the Invitation to this event.

Also… all members recently received our renewal packages for 2021 , which contained a welcome letter , your Membership card , and the Members only password to the DIYC website [ ] . We have a great webmaster , Louise “ Lou” Moses ; who has worked tirelessly to bring us “All Things DIYC”, and it’s all just a click away. All the Social , Cruise , Sail, Kayak , and Fishing calendars are easily accessed on the website individually ; along with a full Membership directory , Ships Store Apparel and Gear; Our 24/7 Marina Pier Head Weather Station , DIYC Documents , and a great pictorial achieve of our people , places , boats and fun. Enjoy your website !

Volunteers starting sailing race


Let me just say FIRST , that you have an amazing Board of Governors ; who have individually and collectively used every available tool and talent to keep our Club relevant and active even in the worst of times. We have certainly fallen victim to the pandemic with numerous cancelations ; but we still adjusted and moved onto to new and creative ways of doing things. That takes a lot of time and commitment , and as a Member of this Club ; I hope that you will reach out to all our Board members and thank them when you have occasion, for their willingness to volunteer ; and for supporting us in maintaining a steady course even through that pandemic storm. We see the light now , and hope to be off to one of the most active and fun years ever ; but we need your help!

There is always an evolution of leadership which is healthy by design ; but we also need to organically grow our Board and Committee participation. We can surely do that within our own ranks of over 250 members where there is such a wealth of talent and spirit of support. We want to invite you to take a little time , and the great talent that you have; to give just a little back to your Club by volunteering to participate in it’s work and programs. We pledge that you will be mentored and not just used ; you will be given the opportunity to give a little back while still respecting your schedule and other Dataw life and activities. It’s fun , and rewarding … You will meet people that you may have not otherwise been acquainted with, and you will be appreciated for your contribution with a welcoming and fun spirit.

Whether a new member , or you have been in the Club for years ; think about how you might enjoy , and contribute to our Dataw Yacht Club fellowship and terrific programs.

We have leadership and support roles in: the management of our finances and budget , the administration of our membership rolls -old and new ; the planning of all our Social events and member activities , the fun of running your own “Ship’s Store” with apparel and gear, and certainly to volunteer to be involved with the planning and activities associated with and under the tutor ledge of our amazing Cruising , Sailing , Kayaking , and Fishing Captains. Please give it some thought and feel free to reach out to me , or Patty and Perry Gesell [ 843-441-3003 ; ] . We look forward to a really great outreach , and your expression in how you can best support the Best Club on the Island!



Bryan Tuttle

Commodore’s Blog – January 2021

Greetings from your Dataw Island Yacht Club!! Happy New Year and thank you for joining us in the DIYC.

As we begin 2021 with all the experiences and perspectives that 2020 had to offer, the DIYC is hopeful that we can put adversity in our wake and move forward to enjoy this New Year with enthusiasm and fresh new beginnings.

Your DIYC Board has worked hard over the last 2 months to develop a “float plan”. The activities planned underscore the importance of taking advantage of our unique access to extraordinary local waters, rivers, sounds and coastal destinations. We are very excited to share our 2021 Social, Cruise, Sail and Kayak Calendar. Guided Fishing dates will be added as we come closer to the spring and summer fishing season. The calendar is packed with many new, innovative trips and events. It is designed with a goal to involve and provide opportunities to all of our members. We hope you will enjoy and actively participate in the activities of our Club, while remaining safe and responsible to local, regional and national COVID protocols.

We have also complemented our “on water” activities with a fun and varied social agenda to safely gather and enjoy the camaraderie and fellowship of our 250 plus members. Log on to the DIYC website ( to keep up with the DIYC activities, view the calendar of events, Commodore’s blogs, event picture galleries, the Ship’s store and merchandise and our newly installed marina pier head “ Up to the minute Weather Station” plus find DIYC forms.

Weather Station

The Marina and its new management continue to support and serve our growing boating and sailing community, which we fully expect to continue to grow throughout 2021. Many new and returning Members have purchased power or sail boats and with the many new kayakers, will collectively add to the excitement and buzz at our Dataw Marina.

Your DIYC Board has worked hard to set the course for a great 2021 DIYC year, but we simply cannot accomplish all of our activities and event agendas without your support as volunteers. We will be coming back to you by email next month with a list of Club Calendar activities that will need volunteers. Please review the calendar and respond indicating your areas of interest and willingness to volunteer. We will compile this list and reach out to you as we approach events for your help.

We look forward to some new and exciting times ahead and to seeing you at future events!!

Good Cruising, Sailing, Kayaking and Fishing!!

Bryan Tuttle, Commodore