Commodore 2019 Welcome

Thank you one and all for the honor and recognition of being elected your Commodore for 2019.

Whether you look at the Commodore’s Ball as an end of the season event, or conversely the beginning of a new year, it was an outstanding. The food, the company, the service, the band and decorations were fabulous and we had over 120 attendees! The Ball continues to be considered one of the best, if not the best, island parties of the year. Please thank Karen McCue, Mary Kay Noren and Kathy Tuttle for organizing this wonderful party for us. I trust everyone witnessed Don and Mary Kay’s dance moves!! Maybe we need a dance captain on the board.

My thanks also to Bill Riski who took many photos and videos which are now posted on-line. I hope everyone noticed Bill’s credits and plug at the end of the slideshow.

The new bridge is in place and ready to serve – Scott Johnson as Vice Commodore and Bryan Tuttle as Rear Commodore. The new Board is also in place and planning will be starting soon on detailing out our 2019 activities. We will work to duplicate or exceed the exciting year we had on water and land in 2018. I think we have a great team.

A very recent and exciting addition to our Board is the position of Fishing Captain. This position has been unfilled for the past few years. Rich Dutcher and Steve Zerbinopoulos have volunteered to take on the role as Co-Captains. We want to restart the DIYC fishing fleet we use to have at the marina and Rich and Steve will be taking on that task. Thank you Gentlemen.

Looking ahead I envision that the Board will be focused on:

• Working to get out the positive vote on acquiring the marina property and rebuilding part of what was once there;
• Continuing our inclusion of non-boat owning members in various club activities, be they on water or on land;
• Maintaining and encouraging an active sail fleet, and eventually bringing them back to Dataw;
• Continue the growth in our kayak program, including kayak facilities at a rebuilt marina;
• Obtaining space at the marina building for DIYC membership to use as our own.

On the marina property vote, that will soon be upon all of us, I ask for your outreach. Reach out to your neighbors and friends on the island in a positive and cooperative manner. How are they going to vote on the issue? If they are not in favor of the DIOA acquiring the property, see what you can do to convince them of the merit and importance of bringing the marina and associated property under the island’s control. The benefits of ownership go well beyond boat owners and DIYC members.

I want to personally thank Wayne Vance for his leadership as the 2018 Commodore. Wayne has been extremely involved, behind the scenes, in bringing the marina property into the fold. He has regularly been engaged face to face and attended numerous meetings on the issue. I know he will not stop even though he relinquished his Commodore flag. As I noted at the Ball, he is tireless, thoughtful and dedicated.

Finally, the Board says farewell to Cindy Schafer, Ron Jacobs, Herb Stackhouse and Betty Huntley who were long serving members of the board. Each contributed to the success the DIYC has had, as others have before them or that will be there in the years to come.

Have a great thanksgiving holiday wherever you go and I will see everyone at the DIOA Special Meeting on the marina property vote on December 21st.

Commodore’s Blog November 2018


It is a pleasure for my last DIYC Commodore’s Blog to come at a time when excitement is growing over the possibility of Dataw Island’s purchasing the Dataw Marina. What has been an eyesore and wasteland for two years since Matthew may again become a vibrant, marina-oriented center of activity for all of Dataw to enjoy. Imagine again enjoying one of the most beautiful parts of the Island and our gateway to the Low Country paradise surrounding us.

The proposal by the DIOA Board is for a marina with improvement, landscaping and beautification of the area. The marina will be limited to what can be efficiently used and what will most likely pay its way with the least financial impact to residents. Controlling the property will mean that any future additional development or expansion will be up to property owners.

All of this is conditioned entirely on the vote of Dataw property owners to purchase the property and proceed with the DIOA Board’s recommendation for improvements. Presentations at the recent Focus Groups and Town Halls have been thorough and convincing.

It is vitally important now for those who want to see this finally happen to talk to your friends and neighbors, share your excitement and persuade any doubters.

In the past year, I have had a number of inquiries as DIYC Commodore from potential property buyers who are boat owners. They loved what they saw at Dataw, but wanted to know if there is a future here for boaters. They were looking to the DIYC for some guidance, but it has been difficult to sound positive. The next Commodore we hope will be able to tell them what a wonderful opportunity they will have to bring their boat and enjoy some of the most beautiful waters in America.

The Annual Commodore’s Ball is this weekend. As always, it is going to be a great evening of glamour, fine dining and dancing into the late hours. The marina proposal will be the top of our conversations. It is also the occasion when the new Bridge officers are elected and installed. The proposed slate is perfect for leadership in the coming year. Each of them have been deeply involved in the marina issue and ready to move ahead. The proposed slate is: Keith Aspray, Commodore; Scott Johnson, Vice Commodore; and Bryan Tuttle, Rear Commodore. I could not be happier to pass leadership to such a group. Thank you to Mary Kay Noren, Karen McCue and Kathy Tuttle for the work they have done in putting the Ball together as well as all our other successful 2018 social events.

Our DIYC activities have continued as the fall season and cooler weather arrives. Our final cruise was up the ICW to the Edisto Island Yacht Club. We docked up and enjoyed a delicious lunch at their clubhouse. (It made us think of possibilities we may have with the purchase of the Dataw Marina building.)

Roy Crocker put together another successful Dataw Cup race on October 20. With fine winds for sailing, the race was held on the Beaufort River with the support of the Beaufort Yacht and Sailing Club. Ten boats participated. What a pleasure it will be if we can return this and our other sailing events to Dataw as in the grand past days.

Our kayakers recently boated at the Savannah River and will have another outing on November 14. This is a great one – it will be a kayak cruise from Port Royal to Beaufort, lunch at the Waterfront Park, and a bike ride down the Spanish Moss trail back to Port Royal. Nancy Schulte put together a terrific season in 2018.

Our Annual DIYC Christmas Sale is November 14 at the Community Center from 9:30 to 12:30. Chris Dedel and Beth Vance have put together even more new DIYC merchandise. The Sale is always a fun event and the perfect opportunity to stock up for Holiday gifts. Bring checks or cash.

Finally, thank you to all of our DIYC members for allowing me to serve as your Commodore in 2018. It was a pleasure to work with the wonderful people on the Board of Governors and the terrific members of DIYC!