DIYC Commodore’s Blog – Dec. 2018

Just returned from a 1-1/2+ hour kayak trip on Jenkins Creek. Sensational!!!! While the wind was up, the sun was out and not a cloud to be had. Temperature around 60. Sailors would have loved the opportunity to get their boats out on the Morgan River on a day like this. If only the marina was operational.

But then again, it will soon be ours – the island’s that is. We only have a few months before work begins on repairing and updating the marina property. Thank you to the members of the DIOA Board, the LRP Marina Team, the MAG and DIYC Members for their time, energy and dedication to this effort. The post-vote party at Sweetgrass was a lot of fun. What a great opportunity to thank the many committee and board members for their efforts. If you could not attend, please go out of your way to find those members and thank them.

A new Marina Committee, under DIOA auspices, is being formed to deal with marina issues as the island moves forward with the purchase and repair. This new committee, I believe, will operate much in the same manner as the existing Golf and Greens or Communications and Technology Committees. I also know that we, as a “club in club”, will have representation on this new Marina Committee. More on that in the New Year.

Please be prepared to volunteer your time and energy in bringing the marina building and property up to the island’s standards when the time comes.

This is traditionally the slow time of year for the yacht club. The kayak group is active and we will have our Final Friday’s at the Community Center on Jan. 25th and Feb. 22nd. Watch for announcements on those events coming out by e-mail. Please come, meet and introduce yourself to new DIYC members and island residents.

From the DIYC Bridge and your 2019 Board of Governors, we trust everyone had a great holiday with loved ones. Let’s continue to work together to ensure that 2019 ends as 2018 did – on a positive. Envision a rebuilt marina with fantastic views!!!! Happy New Year.

Keith Aspray