Commodore’s Blog

January 8, 2018

Our Dataw watery paradise continues its winter’s slumber, with an occasional very un-Southern roar, like last week’s snow storm. This is the time that the Dataw Island Yacht Club begins its planning and preparations for the new season.

Dataw Marina

The top item, and always first in our minds, is the Dataw Marina. Unfortunately, I know of no news of significance to report. Perhaps the holidays and storm slowed activity. At the time of this writing, there has been no known execution of documents by the parties or even notice of culmination of the due diligence period. The DIYC Bridge communicated with the potential buyer, Leon Moore,again in the last couple of weeksto comment on his earlier ideas and asked to meet again. He agreed that we should meet soon. Where all this is going should become more evident in the very near future.

Membership Renewals

Our first objective this year, of course, is ensuring that all our members renew their memberships for 2018.  Renewals and new applications for membership must be received by the first week in February in order to be included in the printed DIYC Directory.  Membership applications for new and renewing members should be sent to Patty or Perry Gesell at 1722 Longfield Drive, 834-838-2995.  Forms are available from them, from our newly renovated and expanded website,, or at the Community Center.  We plan to have the DIYC Directory available by the February 23rd Final Friday event.

The Newly Renovated DIYC Website

Louise Moses has worked diligently to improve and expand our website, and it is ready. It is an excellent source of information useful to all DIYC members and to all of Dataw. The site will include up-to-date information about the DIYC, its meetings, events, concerns and other news, including the Commodore’s Blog. In addition, it provides a source for weather useful for boaters and all outdoor sports men and women. Over the next year, we hope to migrate our membership directory and boat information to the website.

Final Friday Chili Night January 26

Our 2018 DIYC Social year is underway, and the first event is the Final Friday scheduled for January 26, from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Community Center. It is a great opportunity for our members to get together during the cold months. The DIYC Bridge and their spouses will prepare and serve their personal chili recipes, and the Board members will contribute side dishes and desserts. Members are encouraged to bring a Dataw guest who may be interested in joining the DIYC or learning more about our group. Membership forms will be available, and the Ships Store will have DIYC merchandise on hand. This is always a fully attended event, and we are limited to 120 persons. Please reserve early. Tomilee Harding is overseeing the event, and reservations should be made at . Soft drinks and water will be provided, and everyone is welcome to bring whatever beverages they wish.

2018 DIYC Cruise Schedule

The DIYC 2018 Cruise Schedule is being finalized by the new Cruise Captain, Bryan Tuttle. Events will begin appearing on the DIC and DIYC calendars, as well as being listed in the 2018 DIYC Directory. Events in planning include a cruise to Cotton Island, ACE Basin, Morgan River Sandbar with Fripp and perhaps Edisto Yacht Clubs, Pritchards Island, Bohicket, Edisto Yacht Club, and likely an overnight cruise to Savannah. Fishing outings are in discussion, and we will repeat the popular Prince of Tides outing from Beaufort’s Downtown Marina.

Sailing and Kayaking

While the rest of us are trying to stay warm, Roy Crocker is managing outings for our sailors, including a PHRF Fun Race downtown on Wednesday, January 17. Nancy Schulte keeps the kayaking calendar busy including an outing on January 17 to the “enigmatic” Ebenezer Creek and on February 5 to Butch’s Landing – a “Shrimp and Salt Marsh Kayak Trip.” As for Nancy, however, she is warm as she is kayaking today in the Florida Everglades.

Wayne Vance

Commodore’s Blog

December 8, 2017

As the new Commodore with a newly enhanced DIYC webpage, I want to author an occasional “Commodore’s Blog” which will pass on information about DIYC and its current issues. It will be informal, and I hope to get one out after each DIYC Board meeting. This is my first.

Commodore’s Ball

The Commodore’s Ball in November marked the transition to the new Commodore and Board. That in itself feels momentous, and then comes the recognition that there is so much to do to get the Club’s coming year underway. It is going to be exciting, certainly for me, and I hope for everyone.

Marina Update

The 2018 DIYC Board of Governors had its first meeting on Tuesday, December 5. The issue on everyone’s mind of course is the potential for a new marina. The DIYC Bridge met with the interested purchaser, Leon Moore, at his request last week.(It is important to note that the DIYC is not a party to the negotiations currently underway among Dataw, Creekstone and Mr. Moore.)Moore’s attitude at the meeting was very positive – the fact of his asking for the meeting is itself a positive sign. The discussion strongly suggested that he anticipates an ongoing relationship with the DIYC if the purchase goes through. It was a pleasure to talk with a potential owner and operator who clearly knows a great deal about marinas and running them.

Financial Update

The DIYC will start the year in good financial condition. Our bank account is healthy, and we just had a very successful Ship Store Christmas sale.

Yacht Club of America

The Board approved re-joining the Yacht Club of America. This will give our members reciprocal privileges at yacht clubs around the country. Our members who travel to places that have clubs, whether by boat, car or other means, should take advantage of this. A visit to a local yacht club provides an enjoyable diversion. If you go, let us know how it went!

Social Update

The Final Fridays and the upcoming 2018 social events were discussed, and Tomilee and Mary Kay are quickly laying plans. (And, yes, Jimmy Fitz is available for the Pig Pickin’ in May!)


Our membership renewal applications are going out this week. In January, the DIYC will start its membership drive and look for opportunities to reach out to all of Dataw.

The new 2018 DIYC Directory should be available to members by the end of February. All members who have renewed or joined by February 15, 2018 will appear in the Directory.

Sailing Program

Roy Crocker is continuing our sailing program with support from the Beaufort Yacht and Sailing Club. The next race is scheduled for Thursday December 12.

Kayaking Program

The DIYC will focus in 2018 on actively supporting our growing population of kayakers. We will sponsor kayaking outings, and Nancy Schulte has half a dozen or so lined up and on our calendar. DIYC members will have ten days to reserve spots on the outings before they are opened up to all of Dataw.

In addition, the Board discussed the issue of pricing for the new Kayak launch and storage facility on Jenkins Creek. We are fully supportive of Nancy Schulte’s position that the price should not be so great as to discourage its use or so small as to encourage boaters to leave unused kayaks at the facility. A fee in the range of $50 seems appropriate.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and, especially, safe travels for the holidays!

Wayne Vance