Board of Governors

DIYC Board of Governors

2017 DIYC Board of Governors

Flag Officers
Commodore Wayne Vance 843-379-2209
Vice Commodore Keith Aspray 843-838-4965
Rear Commodore Scott Johnson 843-838-4449
Club Officers 
Cruise Captain Brian Tuttle 803-517-9618
Sailing Captain Roy Crocker 843-838-2453
Treasurer Ron Jacobs 843-838-9756
Secretary Betty Huntley 843-838-9094
Chairpersons, Standing Committees
Membership Patty & Perry Gesell 843-838-2995
Kayak Co-Chairs  Herb Stackhouse 843-838-9950
Nancy Schulte 843-541-0026
Social Co-Chairs  Tomilee Harding 843-612-2490
Mary Kay Noren 443-521-0066
Communications Chair Cindy Schafer 843-838-7517
Ships Store  Beth Vance 843-379-2209
Chris Dedel 843-838-6771
Web Master Louise Moses 843-838-3590